Making of Traditional Cane Mats

Making of Traditional Cane Mats

November 23, 2012
Ethno Activities in Almaty | One of the brightest and most essential types of Kazakh folk arts and crafts is making of Shym Shi - patterned mat from stems of reeds, which usually Installed around the perimeter of the yurt...

While weaving Shym Shi each stem is wrapped by colored wool on the planned pattern. After that, all wrapped stems held together in whole ornamented fabric. Sizes of the Shym Shi were arbitrary: width was not less than 140 cm and reached 170 cm, length - 10 m and even more.

In weaving mats Kazakhs used stems of chii (shy) - steppe cane. Kazakh women wove three types of mats: Ore Shi - simple plexus of chii stems; Shabak Shi - chii mat, which stems wrapped in colorful wool and together represent alternating solid color bands; Shym Shi - patterned chii mat is placed between kerege and felt covering of a yurt. Shimesik is a kind of Shym Shi  - patterned mat stitched to the felt coverage of the yurt door .

During master-class you will make a sketch of the future mat on a paper and fasten it to the tablet. Hammer nails, on which subsequently you will stretch the yarn, on the plate at a certain distance from each other. On each chii you will put the mark according to the sketch and wind the wool or yarn, and then fasten chii to the base. In this way you will continue weaving until the end of the mat.

Master-class (2 hours) for group up to 10 persons: from 154 USD 

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