Master Class for Tumar Making

Master Class for Tumar Making

November 23, 2012
Ethno Activities in Almaty | Tumar (Amulet) has accompanied the Kazakhs from the first days of the birth. Mullahs and healers spoke Tumars from the evil eye and spoilage for small children, adults, animals...

The ancestors of the Kazakhs have always defended their home, hanging at the entrance pieces of the skin to expel evil spirits. In pre-Islamic period of the Great Steppe were prevalent Tumars with simple geometric shapes - rectangular, triangular, circular, cylindrical or prismatic.

Tumar form was prompted by his sacred properties. Any simple figure in representations of ancient people carried a deep value associated with geometric symbols of universe. The circle symbolizes the heavenly bodies - the sun or the moon, and, accordingly, their patronage, the square  symbolizes the Earth (4 sides of the world). Triangle, the most common classical shape, one of the most ancient and mysterious characters in the history of mankind, has been associated with magic amulet against the evil eye (one of the examples of archaic culture in the steppes - the amulet  having a triangular shape of ram blade bones - as a symbol of protection of the rear. 

During the master-class you create a framework in the form of a cross and fix it in the middle. Then wrap the edge with colored threads along the entire length of the surface. Fix the result by the knot to one of the ends.

Eventually you can take Tumar to home as a handmade souvenirs. Depending on the size the product can be used as decoration on the neck or as a piece of furniture. 

Master-class (1,5 hours) for group up to 10 persons: from 100 USD 

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