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Helicopter Tour 1:20 hrs

January 1, 2018

Air Tours in Almaty | Big Almaty Lake - Space Station - Tuyuk-Su Glacier

Total time in air: 0:40 hrs

Departure / Arrival Place: Heliport at the Big Almaty River (above the dam)

Tour Description:

Big Almaty Lake is one of the most popular destinations of townspeople in the weekends. People are attracted here by beautiful nature, fresh mountain air, the forest, and, of course, the lake itself. One of the most picturesque lakes in Trans-Ili Alatau lies in a hollow, on all sides surrounded by mountain peaks, covered with Tien Shan spruce, aspen and juniper. Like most mountain lakes, it was formed about 2000 years ago due to an ancient glacier, which is retreating left a moraine, further filled in with the melt water. Big Almaty Lake is interesting in all seasons. Even in winter, when its water surface is covered with ice and snow, it delights with its spaciousness and mystery. After the lake you will head to Tuyuk-Su glacier, passing by the Institute of High Energy of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, or the Space Station, as it called by townspeople. This is the highest station in Europe and Asia to study cosmic rays, various celestial bodies, including the surface of the Earth from artificial satellite.

Helicopter Types:                                                       

Bell-206-3BELL 206 B3

This is a light multi-objective helicopter, perfectly proved itself due to its reliability and simplicity of exploitation. The cabin has additional noise insulation and executed in multi-objective performance, the easy chairs of the modification "Corporate" are installed there. Year of production: 1986


AS 350 B3

 AS 350 B3

Multipurpose helicopter, designed by the French company Aerospatial. The light one-engine helicopter, adapted for the flights in extreme conditions, including the flights in high-mountain area and in hot climate, and also for cargo transportation. Year of production: 2004


EC 130 B4

EC 130 B4

Super modern multipurpose helicopter with very low level of vibration and noise, produced by the companies Eurocopter, France. Comfortable broad 6-seat cabin with energy absorbing seats. Three spacious baggage compartments. Year of production: 2007


EC 135 T2EC 135 T2

A light multifunctional helicopter, equipped with two engines and produced by Eurocopter, Germany. It has improved exploitation characteristics and is ideal for tourist and excursion flights. Year of production: 2005



Tour Price (per helicopter) for 2017:

Helicopter AS 350 B3 (4 seats) - from 1455 USD 

Helicopter ЕС 130 B4 (5 seats) - from 1576 USD  

Helicopter ЕС 135 T2 (5 seats) - from 1773 USD 

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