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Balloon Flight

January 1, 2019

Air Adventures | We invite you to an exciting hot air balloon ride to take a new look at the world around you!

An unforgettable view from a height of bird flight! Hot air ballooning is held in picturesque places near Kaskelen-Uzunagach. More than an hour you will spend in a balloon, rising above the clouds and flying over the hills.

For those to whom this seems extreme, instead of free balloon flight, we offer a tethered flight. A balloon tied with several halyards will lift you to a height of 30 meters. After a few minutes of viewing the surroundings and unusual feelings that will overwhelm you, the balloon will safely move down to the ground. Tethered balloon flights are very attractive during mass events (up to 25 people can be lifted in the sky within an hour).

Ballooning is held by experienced pilots, participants of local and international competitions, and therefore is completely safe.

Flights are conducted throughout the year taking into account weather conditions (absence of precipitation, wind up to 7 mps)

Balloon flight at a classic (round) balloon (1 hour, up to 4 persons): 416 USD

Balloon flight at a balloon in form of heart (1 hour, up to 4 persons): 555 USD

Tethered balloon flight (1 hour, up to 6 persons): 416 USD

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