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All Tours | Classic Tours | South Kazakhstan is an oasis of ancient cities. Nowhere in the country there are as many historical monuments as here. Thousands of piligrims are aimed to this region, as it is so rich with sacred sites. If you are a lover of history, legends and mysteries, this journey is for you!
    All Tours | Classic Tours | Ecotours | Two-day trip to the largest natural reserve in Kazakhstan - Altyn Emel National Park. Having an area of 460 000 hectares it is intended to preserve the rare species of animals and plants at the western spurs of the Dzhungarian Alatau ridge...
      All Tours | Classic Tours | Ecotours | Kolsai lakes - "Pearls of the Northern Tien-Shan" - represent a cascade of three mountain lakes. Anyone who at least once has seen these fascinating treasures of nature, will never forget their splendor, dark blue water, peace and calmness around...
        All Tours | Classic Tours | Ecotours | There are the places of pristine nature in Kazakhstan that are able to charm once and forever. This tour route provides you opportunity to visit the two of these amazing places: Altyn Emel - the largest State Natural Park in Kazakhstan, and Charyn Natural Park...
          All Tours | Silk Road Tours | Classic Tours | In this journey you will visit the places of Southern Kazakhstan, where in the former time ran the routes of the Great Silk Road. There you will see the monuments of archaeology and medieval architecture, which survived to nowdays...
            All Tours | Classic Tours | This tour will allow you to get acquainted not only with the historical monuments of the South Kazakhstan region, but also with the oldest natural reserve in Kazakhstan - Aksu-Zhabagly, which the first in Central Asia has received the status of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO...
              All Tours | Classic Tours | The most economy package to explore the capital of Kazakhstan, which is a unique symbiosis of east and west traditions, modernity and history, riskiness and rationality. Do not miss the opportunity to see Astana in dynamics and better understand the life of this unique city!
                Classic Tours | All Tours | Group tour with guaranteed dates of arrival - is a unique opportunity to visit and stay in Almaty at the most attractive prices! Spend an unforgettable weekend in the most beautiful and never sleeping city of Kazakhstan!
                  All Tours | Ecotours | Classic Tours | In this journey you will visit Karkaraly State Natural reserve, Karkaralinsk city and see numerous archaeological finds, such as Kent settlement of the Bronze age, Scythian burial mounds and so-called Kent palace – the monument of the Jungar-Kazakh wars period...
                    All Tours | Classic Tours | Year-round Almaty economy tour package provides a convenient way to see main attractions of the southern capital of Kazakhstan and to plan your own cultural and entertainment program in this beautiful city with different activities at your choice…
                      All Tours | Classic Tours | Zhetisu is one of the incomparable parts of the Kazakh land, "golden cradle" of the Kazakhs. Glorified by its beauty, Zhetisu is a surprising place, where during just one day it is possible to see all the landscapes existing on the Planet…
                        All Tours | Ecotours | Classic Tours | An exceptional opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the natural attractions of Almaty region! In this route: Aktau and Katutau mountains, Singing Dune and Charyn Canyon, Kolsai lakes and unique in its beauty Kaindy lake...
                          All Tours | Classic Tours | Other Activities | A wonderful opportunity to see the southern capital of Kazakhstan and have a rest at Shymbulak ski resort, well known far beyond the country due to unique combination of mild climate, majestic mountains and modern sports facilities...
                            All Tours | Classic Tours | The memorable journey to the center of Eurasia with its fascinating traditions, beautiful, pristine nature and delicate mixture of old and modern! This is the most comprehensive tour for those traveling to Kazakhstan for the first time...
                              All Tours | Ecotours | Classic Tours | We invite you to make a voyage from the highest in Central Kazakhstan Kyzylarai mountains and unique in its beauty Bektau-Ata pluton to the bottom of the ancient meteorite crater Shunak and Balkhash Lake, so large that it can be seen on any globe...
                                All Tours | Classic Tours | In this itinerary you have a chance to visit the biggest city of Kazakhstan - Almaty and one of the oldest cities on the Great Silk Road - Turkestan, which is located in Southern Kazakhstan and in terms of importance to Muslims is called the second Mecca...
                                  Classic Tours | All Tours | A new route through poorly known or totally unknown places of Jungar Alatau mountain country. Just in the one trip - the highest waterfall, ancient petroglyphs, a unique sanctuary, unexplored settlements and vertiginous natural landscapes!
                                    All Tours | Silk Road Tours | Classic Tours | On this tour you will visit Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan cities, which were part of the Great Silk Road chain, that linked the East and the West and became the cause of birth of many unique towns, historic monuments, customs and even states.

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