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Located between Europe and Asia, the Republic of Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world. It is the former Soviet republic which gained independence in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan is a country that has gathered in all the variety of landscapes that exist on the planet , a country with a rich historical and cultural past, which has become home to many people and known for its friendliness and hospitality.

It is not necessary to search the entire world for fascinating traditions, beautiful and pristine nature
or a delicate mixture of old and modern - just visit Kazakhstan!

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Contacts in Almaty

113 Baitursynov Street, Astana InterHotel, 2nd Floor, Almaty 050022  +7 (727) 2-900-777
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29 Syganak Street, Business-Center "Euro-Center", Block A, 15th Floor, Astana 010000  +7 (7172) 78-41-81
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