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Trekking & Hiking | Trekking tour to the small but picturesque Butakovka Gorge, located in Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains near Almaty. One of the main attractions of the Butakovka Gorge - its waterfalls. The picturesque valley views, clean air and coolness, attract tourists to this gorge for a long time already...
    Trekking & Hiking | Formed due to melting of ancient glaciers, cold and lifeless Manshuk Mametova Lake is located on the way of mountaineering routes at an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level. Melt water accumulates in the bowl with depth of 30 meters and flows out of it as a small river.
      Trekking & Hiking | Kim-Asar gorge is very popular among Almaty townspeople. The main reason is that it can be easily reached by bus or by car, and not steep slopes allow to pass it by even unprepared tourists. In addition, the route is available for walks at any time of the year.
        Trekking & Hiking | Bogdanovich glacier, perhaps, is the closest glacier to the city of Almaty located in Maloalmatinski spur of the Trans-Ili Alatau in the south-west of the Big Talgar pass. A magnificent view of the surrounding peaks opens from the observation point of the glacier.
          Trekking & Hiking | Trekking in the Gorelnik gorge is very popular among many tourists and lovers of the moderate trekking. The gorge is very picturesque, there are a lot of trees, mushrooms and mountain berries, and in the quiet and desolate days you can meet wild inhabitants of these places - mountain deers.
            Trekking & Hiking | Not complicated two-day hike in Jungar Alatau with elevation change along the route from 2000 to 2700 meters above sea level. During this tour you will be able to see Burhan Bulak waterfall, which is considered to be the highest waterfall in Central Asia...
              Trekking & Hiking | The three-day hike in Jungar Alatau with elevation drop along the route 2000 - 3300 meters above sea level. During the hike you expect overnight near the glacier, crossing the Kora river by hanging bridge, and visit to the moraine lakes...
                Trekking & Hiking | This tour will take you to historical and natural attractions of Jungar Alatau. The part of the route lies through places, which are rarely visited by tourists, where you will see many wild animals and birds, as well as take a horse ride to the upper Zhasylkol lake.
                  Trekking & Hiking | Average complexity trekking to the highest peak of Jungar Alatau, named after Semenov-Tien-Shansky, the first researcher of Jungaria. During this tour you will visit some of the largest glaciers of Jungar Alatau, to which you will ascend through a main gorge of the ridge.
                    Trekking & Hiking | The average complexity itinerary for seven-day hiking in Jungar Alatau with elevation drop 1800 - 3400 meters above sea level. This route will be interesting to the advanced mountain hikers as well as to the beginners with appropriate training...
                      Trekking & Hiking | Unique tour route through the central part of Jungar Alatau, to its main gorges, glaciers, alpine meadows and alpine lakes. These places are wild, and the chance to meet the tourists is very low, that makes the tour quite extreme. Walking part of the route is more than 120 km.

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