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Hunting with Eagles

January 1, 2018

Ethno Activities in Astana | Hunting with eagles has far-historical roots and is one of the most unique features of the Kazakh way of life. We Invite you to visit demonstration of hunting with specially trained hunting birds...

Hunting with birds of prey is traditional for all Central Asian nomads. A rider with a golden eagle sitting on the wrist, has always been a symbol of the Asian steppes. Falconry is practiced in many countries, but hunting with eagles on hares and foxes is an exceptional attraction of Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan, hunters with eagles are called «Berkutchi». These masters have native talent for training and training experience of wild birds handed down from father to son for centuries and kept in secrecy. This is the whole philosophy and one might even say, a way of life. History, unfortunately, has not preserved the name of the first Berkutchi, but it is known that many of the Kazakh khans and military leaders were addicted to hunting with birds of prey. Each departure for hunting was accompanied by lush send-off and loud wishes a successful hunt.

By participating in this tour, you will learn the history of Berkutchi, ways of hunting with eagles and basic techniques. Professional Berkutchi will tell you about the stages of initiation of hunting birds and the complexities of education of their character. After demonstration of hunting you will get a complete picture of the traditional hunting with eagles, which has far-historical roots.

Demonstration of hunting takes place outside Astana city. The total duration of the tour, including delivery to the place of hunting and back - 3 hours.

Demonstratin of hunting for group: On Request



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