Sightseeing Tours in Astana
Sightseeing Tours in Astana | In order to feel the city you need to walk through it. This walking tour will take you along the straight line named by Kisho Kurokawa, master of the general plan of Astana, as “Millennium Axis”...
    Sightseeing Tours in Astana | Invite you to sightseeing tour of Astana – the youngest capital in the world and pride of modern Kazakhstan, the city of unique symbiosis of east and west traditions, modernity and history, riskiness and rationality...
      Sightseeing Tours in Astana | This tour will introduce you cult buildings, monuments and objects of Astana, symbolizing the unity and harmony of the people of multinational Kazakhstan, as well as the culture and life of Kazakh people...
        Sightseeing Tours in Astana | There is no better way to know traditional Kazakh culture than plunge into atmosphere of everyday life of the nomadic people! We invite you to explore the history of the Kazakh steppe, its wealth, culture and art....
          Sightseeing Tours in Astana | This tour to the museum of Akmola camp for the wives of traitors of Motherland (ALZHIR), undoubtedly, demands a certain emotional mood, because everything that you will see, won't leave you indifferent...
            Sightseeing Tours in Astana | Don't miss an opportunity to add a little romanticism to your travel to the capital of Kazakhstan! Take sightseeing tour through the left bank of Ishym river in combination with 40-minute exciting boat trip...
              Sightseeing Tours in Astana | During this tour with leisurely walk along the riverfront of Ishim you will have a great chance to plunge in the unique atmosphere of romance, see the town in its dynamics and feel how it breathes...
                Sightseeing Tours in Astana | This lite tour, which includes visit to oceanarium and relaxation at the artificial tropical beach, will help you to escape from the city bustle and take a short break during saturated travel over the vast steppes of Kazakhstan...
                  Sightseeing Tours in Astana | In order to understand this wonderful city you have to take a look at it through the prism of time. During this tour you will come back to the past, see the present and look into the future of the capital of modern Kazakhstan...
                    Sightseeing Tours in Astana | Day tour to "Kazakh Switzerland" - a fantastic area with unique and inimitable beauty of landscapes, created by nature from the 
blue mirror lakes, majestic mountain scenery, pine forests and 
deciduous groves...
                      Sightseeing Tours in Astana | This tour to Korgalzhyn State Natural Reserve will be undoubtedly liked by nature lovers. Located at the crossroads of migration routes for migratory birds, the reserve is one of the key ornithological areas of international importance...


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