Off-Road Tours
Off-Road Tours | An excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes on the high mountainous plateau, where shepherds overtake cattle on the summer season.
    Off-Road Tours | Off-road journey to Altyn Emel State Natural Park will allow you to make new discoveries and get the unforgettable experiences!
      Off-Road Tours | Off-road tour to the mystical in its splendor Kaindy lake, amazing in its beauty Kolsai lakes and Charyn canyon - the unique creation of nature.
        Off-Road Tours | If you enjoy to spend free time in nature, surprise to the new and unusual - join to this off-road tour in Altyn Emel Natural Park and Charyn Canyon!
          Off-Road Tours | This tour will enable you to see the most beautiful canyons of the south-eastern part of Zhetysu: Kyzylzhar, Temirlik, Bestamak and Valley of Castles.
            Off-Road Tours | We invite you to take part in off-road journey to the mysterious Tuzkol lake, as well as to mountain gorges and valleys, little-known and practically not visited by tourists.
              Off-Road Tours | Discover mysterious Jungaria, where probability to meet other tourists is negligible. You are awaited severe off-road, alpine meadows, plateaus and ancient settlements...

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