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All Tours | Photo Tours | Ecotours | Photo tour along the shore of Balkhash lake to the extraordinary variety of thorny gorges and bizarre rock formations of the mountain range Bektau-Ata - unborn volcano, which has melted the rocks, but has never exploded.
    All Tours | Photo Tours | Ecotours | Photo expedition along the southern shore of Balkhash lake, to Sary Esik - Atyrau desert, where ten centuries ago the life has been seething and urban civilization has been flourishing, that was based on large-scale irrigation of the plains by water of ancient channels
      All Tours | Photo Tours | Ecotours | Fascinating photo tour to Kungei Alatau mountains, to unexplored places of ridge, which are not visited by the tourists. The tour route will allow you not only to enjoy the fantastic natural scenery, but also to bring back from the trip your best shot.
        All Tours | Photo Tours | Ecotours | Photo tour to Altyn Emel State Natural Park for bright and fantastic shots of unique natural attractions, such as the Singing Dune, Katutau mountains of volcanic origin, and Aktau chalky mountains - the world famous paleontological deposit.
          All Tours | Photo Tours | Ecotours | Photo expedition to the "paradise under heaven" - Taban Karagai plateau, located in the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, where the diversity of wildlife, purity and beauty, mesmerizing eyes of even the most discerning travelers ...
            All Tours | Photo Tours | Ecotours | Almost all the time the trip will take place in the mountains at altitudes from 1,800 to 3,200 meters above sea level, where you will visit the picturesque mountain lakes of Kungei Alatau range: Kolsai Lakes and Kaindy Lake …
              All Tours | Photo Tours | Ecotours | Unforgettable photo tour to Charyn State Natural Park, representing itself a strip of foothill plains and intermountain hollows on both sides of Charyn river. The park is rich not only in unique natural objects and complexes, but also in historical and cultural heritage...
                All Tours | Photo Tours | Ecotours | The route of this photo tour goes through little-known, practically not visited mountain gorges and valleys, as well as a very beautiful and mystic lake. Having been in these places only once, you cannot not come back here again...

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