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Big Almaty Peak Hiking Tour (1 day)

August 10, 2016

Trekking & Hiking | The Big Almaty Peak is an integral part of Almaty horizon. A regular pyramid having height of 3681 meters above sea level seems very high and difficult, but this is misleading. Climbing to the top of the peak does not require special mountaineering skills...

Route: Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Season: January-December
Best period: June-November
Route difficulty: For experienced climbers
Duration of transfer: about 5 hours (round trip)
Height difference: 3000-3700 m.nm


Big Almaty Peak is clearly visible from almost anywhere in the city of Almaty. The top is shaped like a rock pyramid. At the foot of the peak the Big Almaty Lake is located, as well as scientific premises for astronomical and space researches. The Big Almaty Peak is not the highest and the most difficult peak of Trans-Ili Alatau and is reachable by any physically healthy well-trained person who has ever been in the mountains. The most accessible route lies along the southern ridge. In the lower part there is a good path on the talus slope, in the upper -  a pass through the rocks and huge boulders. From the top of the peak a magnificent panorama of the city, the lake and the peaks of the Northern Tien Shan opens.
In winter the Big Almaty Peak is also accessible as the route runs along the southern crest of the ridge, where there is little snow in winter time. To the start of the trekking route, which begins at the Dzhusaly Kesen pass, you will be delivered by the car. Passing the Space Station premises you will go by the good trail to the pass, which separates the  and Medium Almaty peaks. Then immediately steep climb to the peak begins, which leads to the cliffs rising above in height. 

Recommendations on clothes:
For comfortable climbing you need clothes that do not restrict movement - pants and jacket. On the legs should be shoes without high heels, in which it is convenient to walk along the trail: tourist trekking boots with a good sole and high lacing. It is also advisable to take warm clothes with you, warmer than you usually wear, in the cold season - a hat and gloves. A container for water, or a thermos with hot tea. Telescopic treking spoles. Do not forget sunscreen and sunglasses!

Important to know before booking this tour: good physical preparation and experience of walking on the rocky steep terrain with taluses are required.  Also manifestation of altitude sickness can happen (general malaise, nausea, headache, weakness). Only for experienced climbers.

Tour Price:

220 USD for one person     
235 USD for group of 2 persons traveling together    
355 USD for group of 3 persons traveling together

For group requests extra discounts are available!

* Tour price includes hotel pick-up/drop-off, English-speaking guide service, lunch (picnic) and environmental fees

Payment. Payment should be done at least 24 hours before the tour. Accepted methods of payment: cash, wire transfer

100% of the total tour price is not refundable in case of tour cancellation less than 24 hours before the tour

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