Hunting Birds Show

Hunting Birds Show

November 23, 2012
Ethno Activities in Almaty | Hunting with hawks is one of the most unique features of the Kazakh way of life. We Invite you to visit the spectacular show with specially trained hunting birds and learn more about the traditions and history of falconry...

Hunting with birds of prey is traditional for all Central Asian nomads. A rider with a golden eagle sitting on the wrist, has always been a symbol of the Asian steppes. Falconry is practiced in many countries, but hunting with eagles on hares and foxes is an exceptional attraction of Kazakhstan.
In Kazakhstan, hunters with eagles are called «berkutchi». The training experience of wild birds handed down from father to son for centuries and kept in secrecy. These masters have native talent for training of wild birds and their activity is not limited by just hunting. Today, the golden eagle is listed among birds threatened with extinction. Together with the environmental service staff the hunters participate in a program of research and monitoring of population of this rare bird in the remote regions of Central Asia.
In Almaty located a nursery of rare endangered species of birds, unique in its species composition and equipment, where we offer you a visit. The nursery is the only one on the entire territory of Kazakhstan and during its operation has grown 1060 birds and released into nature 360 saker falcons. 
While visit to falcon nursery you can admire the most beautiful birds of prey, learn about their biological characteristics, as well as watch to falcon show (from May to October). The show involves the trained birds that demonstrate how to hunt with a bird, how the birds gather food from the water, and more. During the spectacular performance with the free-flying birds of prey you will know about the traditions and history of falconry. 

Private show or hunting is available on request.

Private show (1 hour) for group: from 252 USD


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