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Traditional Jewelry-Making Master-Class

January 1, 2019

Ethno Activities in Almaty | Jewelled Arts of Kazakh people is rooted in ancient times, continuing the gorgeous tradition of the old masters. It is one of the important components of ethnic culture that has survived to the present day...

Unlike other crafts of Kazakhs – bone and wood carving, manufacture of leather items and pottery – jewelry items made of bronze, silver and gold turned to be able to withstand the ravages of time and survived to the present day. That is why the ideals of the Kazakh people, his tastes, his level of artistic and material values are more fully and clearly reflected in this form of art. 

One of the most important features of the Kazakh jewelry is that almost all of them carried a magic, mostly defensive function rather than decorative one. Semantic meaning was endued to the shape and pattern and material. Favorite material of Kazakh jewelers is silver. And the reason is not only the natural beauty of the metal. According to Kazakhs this metal has cleansing, preserving and magical features. Of particular significance in the works of Kazakh jewelers acquires not material value but ornamentation.

Jewelers had certain tools, took a long training and passed their skills inherited. They carefully selected their followers among those eager to learn the secrets of their art, which is constantly enriched by the best traditions of folk art.

While visit to the jeweler’s workshop you can watch to handmade jewelry-making process as well as try to make your own national ornament.

1-Hour Master-Class: 17 USD Per Person (max 4 persons) 

Price includes: work of the master, consumables

Price excludes: hotel pickup/drop-off, English/Russian-speaking guide service

Attention! This Master Class is provided as a part of the tour package only, and is not available as a separate service.

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