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Ethno-Cultural Program

January 1, 2019

Ethno Activities in Nur-Sultan | During this program you will be introduced to the history of the Great Kazakh steppe, its wealth, culture and art, and plunge into the atmosphere of everyday life of the nomadic people.

By the will of fate Kazakh people were spaced at the crossroad of Eastern and Western cultures, and that is why Kazakhstan is country of rich cultural heritage.

As you know, familiarity with the culture and traditions of a country begins with an introduction to its national cuisine. The same holds for Kazakhstan: there is no better way of understanding the Kazakh traditional culture, than a gastronomic experience, consisting of cooking  traditional dishes yourself and get acquainted with the secrets of traditional culinary arts, that you will acquire during this program.

You will also have unique opportunity to participate in the process of manufacturing of a very ancient Kazakh musical instrument, an authentic value and heritage of the Great Steppe - ‘sazsyrnay’.

Neither of stories about the Great Kazakh steppe and nomadic people do without the yurt - a traditional dwelling of the nomads. Since ancient times methods and secrets of yurt construction, requiring special skills and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. And during this program you will be able personally touch the construction process of wooden walls – ‘kerege’, the traditional raising of the dome – ‘Shanyrak’, as well as the strengthening of wooden poles – ‘uyk’.

Finally, at the end of the program you will be offered to try on the Kazakh national clothes and dance the national dance "Kara zhorga".

Program duration from 1,5 to 2 hours

Program Price: 

  77 USD for one person 
153 USD for group of 2 persons traveling together
156 USD for group of 3 persons traveling together

* Program price includes master classes: Kazakh cuisine, manufacturing of sazsyrnai, national dance, construction of the yurt

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